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Spreewald The best pickles ever,Najlepsze ogórki konserwowe pochodzą z Brandenburgi

Rewelacja ogórki z Spreewald okolice Berlina smak słodko kwasny nuty chilli i estragonu ,produkt regionalny tylko 10 producentów.Te ogórki sa 1.7 l i kosztują 1.59 euro smak ten sam co korniszony do kupienia w sklepie Norma,Kaisers , Reichelt, EDEKA, Mema, Real, Netto, Rewe, JC Penny-Berlin,będę się staral sprowadzić te produkty do nas


10 worst foods to eat while driving

The top 10 food offenders in a car are:
1. Coffee: It always finds a way out of the cup.
2. Hot soup: Many people drink it like coffee and run the same risks.
3. Tacos: "A food that can disassemble itself without much help, leaving your car looking like a salad bar4. Chili: The potential for drips and slops down the front of clothing is significant.
5. Hamburgers: From the grease of the burger to the ketchup and mustard on top, plenty of goop can end up on your hands, clothes and steering wheel.
6. Barbecued food: Similar issue arises for barbecued foods as for hamburgers. The sauce may be great, but it will end up on whatever you touch.
7. Fried chicken: Another food that leaves you with greasy hands, which means constantly wiping them on something, even if it's your shirt. It also makes the steering wheel greasy.
8. Jelly- or cream-filled doughnuts: Has anyone ever eaten a jelly doughnut without some of the center oozing out? And jelly can be difficult to remove from material.
9. Soft drinks: Not only are they subject to spills, but they also can fizz as you're drinking them if you make sudden movements. Most of us have childhood memories of soda fizz in the nose; the sensation isn't any more pleasant now.
10. Chocolate: Like greasy foods, chocolate can coat your fingers as it melts against the warmth of your skin, leaving its mark anywhere you touch. Try to clean it off the steering wheel and you could end up unintentionally swerving.