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Guide to the best and worst Singapore restaurants

There are 22,491 full service restaurants in Signapore and 10,665 fast food restaurants
Restaurants I have eaten in
Cappadocia Cafe Restaurant #01-12 Robertson Walk11 Unity Street 237995 Opening Hours:Mon-Sun: 12pm-11pm Tel: 6732 2411With roots in Turkish-Mediterranean and continental cuisine, Cappadocia's Chef Ismet combines the bold robust flavours of Turkey and a Mediterranean palette of summery vegetables an excellent kebabs made from high quality meats.
www.res.com.sg/kuriya_fish_aboutus.htm an excellent sushi and sashimi Japanese restaurant .In the evening everything in cold case is discounted by 30 %.
http://www.kingsatay.com/ a tasty place for satay,but the seafood rice we ordered was the worst I have ever eaten.
these two are the best
one of the best sea food and malay buffets in Singapore we ate there day before independence day.
http://www.shangri-la.com/en/property/singapore/shangrila/dining/restaurant/theline another best restaurant in Singapore unlimited seafood dishes such as langusta,sushi,sashimi,oysters and excellent selection of indian,malay,chinesse food
Eating House 36 Temple st #01-02 Singapore 058581 Tel 6220 1569 Stopped there while visiting a Chinatown ,they have a very good hot and sour soup,enormous portion,could hardly finish it .
www.thevilage.com/ The concept of having food prepared and cooked before your eyes is a traditional one. This form of dining experience remains popular everywhere in the world and among Singaporeans who love to watch and be entertained. On entering Vila'ge, one is overwhelmed by its rustic charm, colors and the aroma of spices and herbs. Each customer is then given a V-Card where food orders are scanned. They may wander around freely to take their time to decide what they would like to eat. A family restaurant, one can savor a great selection of European country gourmet and a fusion of Asian food delights
River Quay Seafood Restaurant 50,Boat Quay tel 6534 0500 excellent Chilli Crab,Sea Bass and seafood fried rice you can also bargain we got 30 % discount of the listed price
Mongolian Grill at Boat Quay ,http://www.thetent.com.sg/ you pick what you want and they grill it for you an excellent food and value for the money $ 22 Sg
Oso Ristorante www.oso.sg one of the best Italian restaurants I have ever been to,personally I recomend osso bucco and the service is out of this world,the highest ratio of waiters to the clients ,I have ever seen,I personally recommend elderly Chinesse head waiter-after he dies he should be decreed a god of waiters .
Shahimaharani www.shahimaharani.com An elegant and excellent North Indian restaurant with live Nepali music This restaurant is known for its well-prepared North Indian dishes. The menu is divided into three categories: mild, spicy and very spicy. This culinary adventure of North Indian cuisine starts with a mix of Pakoras, Paneer and Bhindi. There is a selection of Tandoori and Curries that are some of the best in the city. My favored while dining with my friend Samy was a lamb Vindaloo served with excellent Indian riceMain courses include Lamb Chops Shah Jehani, Chicken Tikka Masala and Fish Amritsari. There are many varieties of Naan & Pilau Rice while vegetarians will enjoy Baigan Burtha - mashed eggplant cooked with dry spices and the Bhindi Masala - with chopped onion, tomatoes, and spices. Rasmalai - with Almond, pistachio, and Cherries is a great dessert.http://www.magmatc.com/ an excellent German restaurant,best steaks recomended by Bernd Starke from bernd.starke@db.com
http://www.carnivore.com.sg/ Brazilian Churrascaria
http://www.oldchangkee.com/ Chineese fried foods, my choice of breakfast served with chilli sauce
http://www.coldstorage.com.sg/ best food store in Singapore
Cooking schools
http://www.blueelephant.com/school/ Bangok
Restaurant reviews
most are reviewed by customers with mankantime website being the best

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