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Latin fusion cuisine

I like the bold, seductive flavors of the Latin world--what some might call Latin fusion cuisine resulting from a melting pot of dishes and flavors from South America, Central America, Mexico, Spain, and Portugal, as well as Cuba and other Caribbean islands of Spanish influence. Some of the dishes created by me are authentic Latin favorites, while others are new creations based on authentic ingredients.

For example a spaghetti dish is a typical fusion cuisine,tomatoes came from New World and spaghetti noddles came from China

What are authentic Latin ingredients? Well, here is an amazing slice of culinary history. You may not approve of the strife caused by Christopher Columbus' voyage to the New World, but the next few hundred years of cooking around the world blossomed because of it. The New World gave the Old World tomatoes, potatoes, corn, chiles, green beans, pumpkins, squash, peanuts, chocolate, and vanilla, as well as turkey, pineapples, papayas, and guava. Yes, that means that until a couple hundred years ago, the Italians knew no tomatoes, the Irish no potatoes, the French no green beans, and the Chinese, Thais, and Indians no chiles. In return, the Old World gave the New World cows and dairy products, pigs, chickens, wheat, citrus, onions, garlic, olives, radishes, grapes, pomegranates, nuts, and hard-pit fruits, as well as bananas, cinnamon, and cilantro. Until those same few hundred years ago, the people of the New World ate guinea pigs and bugs for protein, knew no cheese with their beans, and were far from creating delicious and intricate tamales stuffed with pork and dried fruits. Not to mention the simple fish tacos of coastal Mexico sprinkled with lime juice and a handful of chopped radishes and cilantro!

By now you might be thinking that given all this relatively recent exchange of foodstuffs, there are no real, lasting, and authentic culinary traditions anywhere. You are right. It is one big melting pot. Fusion cuisine has been around for a long time!

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