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saudi Kabsa catch me if you can ?

reminds me when I and my friend Craig Stewart went to Costa Rica and spent 6 hrs looking for Iguana farm where  we had a delicious Iguana Bbque.I have seen this farm years  ago on PBS.The farm was owned by a Germ.woman scientist,that belived that Iguana meat will solve human hunger
The Pro Iguana Verde Foundation started an iguana park in Costa Rica in order to protect the endangered species. Iguanas had been hunted to the edge of extinction despite government bans. Part of the reason for the lack of enforcement is that the iguana is prized as a delicious meat in Costa Rica. It is known locally as "pollo de palo", or "chicken of the trees."
German biologist Dr. Dagmar Werner, the founder of the Pro Iguana Verde Foundation, began her work in hopes that local farmers would turn to iguana farming rather than raising cattle. Cattle, whose hooves tear up what's left of the forest floor after slash-and-burn ranchers have cleared the rainforest for their fields, are more dangerous to the rainforest than iguanas, who live in and off the trees. The Pro Iguana Verde Foundation breeds iguanas at its park and reintroduces them into the rainforest.

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