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New Year s Resolution for Restaurants

1.1.   Every day in 2012, make one small improvement
2.2.   Every day, keep a focus on doing the right thing – right thing for the customer, the enterprise, the employee 
3.3.   Commit to securing one new customer each week – a customer that will come back regularly
4.4.   Ask for staff feedback on improving plate presentation
5.5.   Ask for staff feedback on lots of things
6.6.   Upgrade your restrooms and their maintenance disciplines
7.7.   Keep windows shiny and shiny things shining
8.8.   Remind staff to smile on regular basis
9.9.   Don’t swear in dining room
10. Eat out at a different restaurant once a week (52 restaurants a year)
11. Only allow one day for worrying about money (Monday?)
12. Enjoy doing what you do – we spend way too much time at our business to not enjoy doing what we do - we are not here forever you know – and really, if you’re not enjoying your work then you are in the wrong business

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