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The Worlds Largest Barbecue

The Worlds Largest Barbecue
Uruguayan Cooks Make Biggest Barbeque Ever Made – World’s Most Amazing Photos. People gather around Uruguayan cooks who barbecue meat in an attempt to break a record for the world’s largest barbecue in Montevideo. A meats association in Uruguay on Sunday hosted the world’s biggest barbeque on a single grill totalling 1,500 meters in length, media reported. As many as 1,252 volunteer cooks grilled 12 metric tonnes of beef and about 20,000 spectators cried with joy when a Guinness judge confirmed the barbecue record had been broken. “I’m very proud to be Uruguayan. We have the best beef and now we have the world’s biggest barbecue, said one of the cooks. The organizer said the gargantuan cookout is held to promote the country’s image as a major cattle producer.
For all barbecue lovers that follow the news I’m proud to announce that this Sunday the Mexican lost their Guinness record to the Uruguayan by just 4 tonnes of beef.
Uruguay just settled the world Guinness record for the biggest barbecue at 12 tonnes (26,400 lbs) of beef promoting the county’s succulent top export.
To barbecue all that meat the army put together nearly 1 mile of grills and the firefighters lit six tones of charcoal.
For the record to be broken they got some 1,250 people to grill the beef known by the population to be one of the best in the world. Besides all the “chefs” they also had 20,000 spectators to cheer the good news.
Uruguay that is a country of 3.2 million people stuck between two major cattle producers, Argentina and Brazil, and still managed to export $817 million last year.
The idea for this barbecue came from the National Meats Institute (INAC) that stated: “Uruguay is very small, it’s not known for other events so we have to use these kinds of gimmicks so people find out where Uruguay is and what it has to offer,”.
I think that this activity leaves us reasons to whoever didn’t tried Uruguayan meat to give it a go


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