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10 pantry items Witold is never without

Olives (especially stuffed and Greek, such as kalamata)
Sun dried tomatoes
Roasted red peppers in a jar
Pickled cucumbers (use pickle juice to marinate meat and vegetables)
Dried or canned hot peppers
Flour or corn tortillas (store in freezer)
Canned diced tomatoes
Olive oil for salads I recomend Greek Melissa brand it tastes better then Italian or Spanish
Flavored oils (such as garlic, onion,hot pepper ,lemon,rosemary,roasted red pepper, basil,truffels,and flaxseed ) all re excelent for dipping bread and to use in mashed potatoes and as the base for salads
Toasted sesame oil
Grapeseed or Rice oil for high temperature frying
Cooking spray (olive oil and butter flavors)
Reduced-sodium broth (chicken, beef, shrimp,vegetable)
Dried herbs and spices (thyme, oregano, garlic,onion powder,bay leaves, chili powder, allspice,pepper whole,cumin, curry powder,ceylon roasted curry powder . cinnamon, nutmeg)
Elbow and other small shaped macaroni (small shapes cook faster)
Chinesse rice or soy noodles
Japanesse Udon noodles made from buckwheat flour
Quick-cooking brown, white, basmati , jasmine rice,bulghur wheat and couscous.
Low-fat sour cream, yogurt and/or cream cheese.
Shredded, reduced-fat cheese (Cheddar, Monterey Jack)
Parmesan , Grand Padano ,Asiago,Stilton or Gorgonzola
Herb seasoning blends (such as garlic herb, lemon herb, Old Bay mesquite)
Roasted nuts soy nuts and sunflower seeds
Pine nuts
Canned soups (cream of mushroom,celery soup tomato, chicken, clam chowder make excellent bases for sauces and casseroles)
Prepared Asian sauces (black bean, hoisin, plum, oyster, ponzu)
Hot sauce Franks or Tabasco
Canned beans (peas,white, red, pink, black, navy, chickpeas)
Quick-cooking oats
Dried mushrooms (porcini, shiitake or any combination of wild mushrooms)

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