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Culinary Atrocities as described by Andrew Hingston

Date: Friday, May 15, 2009, 2:04 AM
I am almost used to people putting cheese on their seafood pasta.I am naturally disheartened by, but accepting of the widespread preference
for White Zinfandel.
I can very nearly hide my smirk when people order fries with their spaghetti.But yesterday provided two new culinary "Kodak moments" that were priceless.First was the woman who doused her risotto in ketchup.Best was
the woman who doused her spaghetti Bolognese in mayonnaise.
Andrew Hingston
Answer from Anne Garvey
Is it called Spaghetti Bolognnaise, do you think?
Have you ever seen people devour Ramen noodles with the soup poured out and a whopping dose of mayo, jalapenos and deep fried smelt on top? Smelled reheated tomato and canteloupe stewed together?
Seen ketchup and tabasco and vinegar and fish parts on top of the chick boiled in the shell the day before it was supposed to hatch? (you wait until you hear the peeping before you drop it in the boiling water.)
(The topper though, is my late brother's favorite: a liverwurst and kimchee sandwich. Even he would probably forgive a dig at his expense about so lethal a combination!)
How about a cold, deep fried bologna sandwich with potato chips, peanut butter and mayonnaise inside?
A hamburger with peanut butter as the topping? A deep fried Snicker's bar with a Spam crust?
A crushed shrimp chip and peanut butter and sandwich-spread sandwich? (With a good dill pickle, of course!)
An olive and herring and strawberry cream cheese filling for a bagel?
A mango filled with mayonnaise, spam and deep fried honey bees? (and people wonder what has happened to the world bee population!)
Come visit our lunchroom in the Clinical Laboratories!
Then you too can wonder how it is we never had much luck putting together a cookbook, for local fundraising purposes...
Answer from Witold Z
I call it “Culinary Atrocities”
Liverwurst and kim chee sandwich does not sound bad,In Mke I had it with raw sliced bermuda onion and it was good,In Vietnam I had Banh Mi sandwich also liver pate topped with carrot or daikon salad and mayo and ciliantro.
I have seen people in PL douse pizza with ketchup,which I thought it was pretty bad,but Spaghetti Bolognnaise and Ketchup risotto is a new low.

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