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Lamb and other animals cheeks to eat

SA:I am sure that it would taste great if it was cooked together with the veal/beef head. But considering the large size, we normally settle for lamb cheeks which is cooked with the head during Eids. So, you end up with great tasting cheeks and brain. Some people would also go for the eyes but I do not.
WZ:I have heard that it is a great honor when a Arab host serves you an lambs eye, and it is dishonor to refuse it,is this true ?
SA:If you have a big party and you cook one or several lambs or even a camel, people make sure that they place the lamb or camel head near the guest of honor to show him that “we” slaughtered a full lamb or camel for you.If you offer your guest any piece of the lamb he should accept it because it shows that you really care for him and you’re more than happy to serve him. I do not know about the eye in other Arab countries, but for KSA, it is usually the most tender meat that you cut and hand over to your guest(s). I am not sure if it is leg or hand, but it is very tender and juicy and many Greek restaurants serve it with rice.Traditions are changing, however, because people are becoming more health conscious now a days and less people are practicing this custom.

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